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Taken through our front windows. Two does and two fawns eating the grass - this time. Normally they eat our flowers, our cedars and our hemlocks. Nice to see, but a pain to have living here!

While working on the gazebo in September 2017 I thought I noticed a dog swimming near the big island. It turned out to be a fawn swimming from there over to our point, with a couple of kayakers shadowing it. When it reached land, right at the point near me, it clambered quickly up the slope towards the house. It seemed too young for the time of year, still had its fawn spots and had no visible mother. I feared that it would not survive long and we would find a carcass on our land. But the next day we spotted it on our picnic area close to the house where I was able to take these photos. After that we never saw it again.

This doe was wandering around the entrance to the Ottery early one morning. When it eventually noticed me it bounded off, showing its characteristic white tail. I later realised it had eaten our geraniums!

They love eating the water lilies and other water plants, which is fine by us as it means they leave our trees and plants alone! This doe appeared to be pregnant.

During late July and early August we saw this fawn several times around our house, casually grazing on our plants. Occasionally we saw her mother, but mostly she was on her own.