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For a week or so we had several yellow-rumped warblers constantly around the house. They seemed to spend most of their time feeding on insects in our somewhat clogged gutters.

5D3_3665_2000.jpg 5D3_3670_2000.jpg 5D3_3674_2000.jpg 5D3_3685_2000.jpg 5D3_3687_2000.jpg 5D3_3748_2000.jpg 5D3_3688_2000.jpg 5D3_3690_2000.jpg R5K_5760_2000.jpg R5K_5763_2000.jpg R5K_5764_2000.jpg R5K_5775_2000.jpg R5K_5777_2000.jpg R5K_5781_2000.jpg R5K_5782_2000.jpg