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Raccoons are probably more common in downtown Toronto than around Otter Lake. But we have had them on our land ever since we moved in. Their scat, and their footprints in wet sand by the lake are common, and at times we hear them on our deck and scare them away when we go looking. But here at long last was a raccoon fully in the wild - not a trash panda. I was in my kayak, and attracted to a large boulder on the shore of the Vanluven Point where I thought a herring gull might have a nest. The raccoon looked like it too had been attracted there, and then proceeded to walk the water's edge and climb a tree. In fact behaving just like a wild raccoon should.

We had several sightings of "Stumpy" in 2015. His left hind leg was atrophied and he walked on three legs. Seen here on our wildlife cam.

Here our local raccoon is doing the urban thing. She'd managed to climb into some sub-roofing I'd only just built and was licking up bird seed that had filtered through onto it.