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In November 2014 we took a seven day trip on the Amazon on the riverboat the Queen Violetta. We started and finished in Iquitos, Peru, exploring upstream in various of the Amazon tributaries.

In Iquitos we first visited the Manatee Rescue Centre where we saw young manatees other local creatures. In Yucuruchi we saw a family of Nancy Ma's night monkeys and the giant Victoria water lilies. On the Marañón River we stopped to hike at Casua in some terra firme jungle where we saw various poison arrow frogs, a red tailed boa and a Cayman lizard. At the village of 20 de Enero on the banks of the Pucarte River, a local boy showed us the anaconda snake he had captured and a woman showed her young pet kinkajou. Up the Pucarte River, we saw a flock of beautiful blue and yellow macaws, and then took a hike around a lake to find the hoatzin. At various times on the river we saw black and pink dolphins.