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Not great photos as they are video grabs from my wildlife camera. A couple of coyotes wandered past together on at least to separate occasions.

Most coyotes around here have some wolf blood in them. Not far to the north there are packs of wolves (or quite wolfy coy-wolves.)

Video shot at The Mica Annex by Doug Dunn (October 2020)

We saw this coyote trotting across the road ahead of us as we returned from walking the Skyline Trail (which is infamous as the site of the only known instance in Canada of a human being fatally attacked by coyotes).

Often we hear coyotes howling from across the lake. This night they sounded like they were almost in the house. It was a dark night but our wildlife camera indicated they were near our dock area. The next morning we followed the tracks in the snow on the lake surface. We had expected to see several indivuals, and perhaps evidence of a kill. But it seems most of the howls came from just one coyote, sitting next to the end of the dock.