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Beaver sightings around Otter Lake are very common, but they keep their distance, and will whack their tail and dive if you approach too close. This one was by the Kemp's cottage in North Otter Lake and so pre-occupied with eating water lilies that it allowed us quite close in our kayaks. But it was dusk, so the light was very poor.

We love seeing them swimming around, but greatly fear their coming on shore at our property and cutting down our trees. We probably have so many pines on our point because the beavers have historically cut done the hardwoods. The photo below was taken just downstream of the culvert between South and North Otter Lakes where they did a lot of damage in the winter of 2018-2019. There is a lodge just the other side of the culvert and the culvert itself is constantly being dammed by beavers.

This one in Doe Lake was very curious, and kept swimming just off shore, occasionally splashing its tail and diving and resurfacing to watch me again.

I was walking around the edge of our property and stopped to look out over the lake. I glanced down and there was a big beaver about 2 feet away from me, apparently sleeping in the sun on a ledge between me and the water. He moved off slowly, slipping into the water and gently swimming just offshore. He did not attempt to dive as I followed him. My impression was that he was an old guy, perhaps not in the best of health.