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We have seen ospreys regularly every summer since we have lived here. Most years they nest on the top of the same white pine on an island in South Otter Lake.

These shots were taken from a kayak on August 1st, 2017. I believe they show the parents feeding the young.

Taken from a riverboat in the Peruvian Amazon in the Canadian winter. Maybe this is one of ours, migrated?

These were taken from a kayak on August 3rd, 2018. They appeared to be two almost fully developed fledglings. They moved between the nest and the surrounding branches and occasionally made short circling flights, or flew to a tree-top on the shores of the lake. They were constantly calling out for their parents, which I did not see.

Back, nesting again at the same place, the next year

While kayaking around the Scout camp this osprey twice flew from the trees, carrying the fish in its talons and screeching in annoyance. I assume it had found a perch on a tree to eat the fish and decided our presence on the lake was a threat.